Indy 500, How Will You Get there?

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

Indianapolis is the hub for Indiana and has become well known for award winning events and nightlife. Some of the events that take place in Indy coordinate with the season and time of year that you are visiting. For example during the month of May you will find that the west side of the city is buzzing with excitement and energy from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Race has become known as the Indy 500 and is recognized around the world. Over the years the Indy 500 has become so popular that some fans make a week long event out of the experience. Guests will arrive a week or more before the big day to take part in the festivities and to make sure they have secured their perfect camping spot or hotel room. With the shear number of guests and fans that travel to Indy to see the race the traffic and congestion escalates quickly. One way to minimize the headache of traffic and parking for the Indy 500 is to consider using a Chauffeured Car Service. This is a great option as you will be able to sit back and relax while letting the Chauffeur navigate the crowd and secure a parking spot that is perfect for you and the distance you want to walk. You will need to dress appropriate for the occasion as well. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a very large facility, spanning many city blocks and attracting hundreds of thousands of fans. This means that when your Chauffeured Transportation delivers you to the Speedway area, you may need to walk a great distance to see the activities and make it to you seats. This is why it is important to choose Aadvanced Limousines, we have a Professional Chauffeur staff that is knowledgeable about the Indy 500, the traffic and area surround the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This experience will make your day go smooth and help with the logistics to ensure you have an amazing time! Visit to view our fleet options and secure your reservation today!


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