What’s Your Safety Worth?

Posted on May 03, 2017

We recently seen this post and thought it was a good time to talk to about this. Can you imagine riding in a car with three people in the back and these large suitcases on top of you? I can not. My bigger struggle is that the driver allowed it. It is not comfortable nor safe. Anytime you are paying for car service they should be professional and concerned about your safety. I understand that the on demand car services and convienient and some times they are cheap. The problem is that anyone can become a driver for these companies and insurance and safety is not regulated. Professional Chauffeured services are held to a very high standards. We must carry a certain amount of insurance, we must follow DOT regulations and our chauffeurs go through background checks and drug screening to ensure your safety. On demand services such as Uber and Lyft are not held to these standards. At Aadvanced Limousines our airport services start at around $69. Is it higher than Uber? Sure, but the experience and your safety is worth much more. Next time you need a ride consider calling a professional company.


Aadvanced Limousines