It’s Concert Season!

Posted on Jun 21, 2017


Why Do We have Concert Packages?

We get many questions about hourly pricing vs transfer pricing. Today I would like to talk about our concert packages. So, you’re going to a concert and you think you only need a limo to get you there and back. No need to pay for a car sitting while you’re in a concert right? Wrong. You see, there are many reasons to do an hourly instead of a transfer especially for concerts. If you are going to an outdoor concert in Indianapolis, Aadvanced Limousines ONLY provides concert packages. Why? Convenience, safety and cost. Our concert packages include 6 hours of service and we have discounted the cost due to the car not moving during the concert. This makes the concert package cheaper than the 2 one way transfers. Why do we “make” you do this? Due to past experience with outside venues, we have found that

A) Your safety is always our first priority. So if you are at the concert and a bad storm rolls in, a tragic event happens, you want to leave early for any reason or you have that one friend that has drank too much and just needs to leave, your limo is there for all of those reasons. You will not be stuck waiting for a ride.

B) You can tailgate and leave items in the car if needed.

C) It is often hard to get into a venue when the concert is ending due to traffic going out. This makes it hard for the chauffeur to find you. With our packages you know exactly where your limo will be when you come out.

There are some inside venue that we can offer pickup and drop options. However, if you would like to take a cooler with drinks or anything extra during your ride there, you will have to take those items with you when you arrive to the concert venue. I hope this helps you understand why we have concert packages for outside venues.


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