How Much Do I Tip My Chauffeur?

Posted on Jul 06, 2017

You’ve rented a limousine.  You’ve had a great night out. Now comes the hard part, how much do you tip your chauffeur? Our chauffeurs work for their tips, and they should be compensated if they have met or exceeded your expectations during your evening out. Here is an example: You have rented a 10 passenger limousine for 3 hours. Your bill without tip is $270. If you tip your driver the standard 20%, he/she makes $54. In total for your reservation they have spent about five hours of their time. Our chauffeurs prepare the vehicles before the reservation and clean them afterwards. Your chauffeur has made $10.80 an hour. If you’ve had a great experience and your chauffeur has gone above and beyond to make it even better, please let your tip reflect that. Thanks, Aadvanced Limousines, 317-716-1201,