Donation Requests

Posted on Sep 27, 2017

We often get phone calls, emails, texts and faxes asking if we can donate to an organization. If you need to reach out to us for this reason please send all requests to [email protected] Unfortunately, we can not donate to everyone. Everyday, we receive around 2-5 donation requests. We also have a budget every year that we can use for donations. Once you email your request, we look over it, we also look up the organization that you are requesting donation for, we take into consideration what type of donation you are asking for, we see what our budget allows at that time and from there we decide if we can donate to your organization. Typically, if you are requesting late in the year, our budget for donations are spent. We also donate to a couple large organizations each year. Children’s Bureau and Make A Wish are our top 2 charities that we support. Here at Aadvanced Limousines we try to support our local community as much as we can. I apologize ahead of time if we can not donate to your organization, however, it is just not possible to donate to everyone that we get a request from.


Aadvanced Limousines