Prom Limo Safety

Posted on Mar 01, 2019

Prom is a lifetime memory!

As a young adult, Prom night is a night many look forward to. This is likely one of the 1st major events where they get dressed up, and trusted to go off and attend an upscale event with only their friends. So much planning, energy and thought go into this single event. The process of finding a date is often overwhelming on its own.

Ladies will spend many weekends visiting stores & shops to pick out the very perfect dress. Guys will gather their closest friends and venture out to the Tux rental to choose the perfect match to the ladies dress. Then there is the plans for the evening, such as who’s house will pictures be taken at, are we going in a group, will the group go to dinner?

Parents are sometimes hesitant to see this evening come, their child is growing into an adult. Prom has many rumors surrounding it of how things can go wrong, but with a little extra planning, the evening will be safely enjoyed by all. Hiring a Limousine service for transportation is one of the best things a parent can do. A Chauffeur gives the kids just enough freedom to let them feel independent and that is paired with the safety of the parents knowing that they are being safely driven from destination to destination.

There are a few things the parents should know:

  • The Chauffeur will discreetly share their cell # so you can be relieved knowing you can reach them at anytime
  •  Aadvanced Limousines provides the technology for you to be able and track your vehicle during the entire reservation
  • All of our Chauffeurs are drug screened, background checked & trained

When you choose Aadvanced Limousines for your child’s prom, you are making the best choice a parent can to ensure the child’s safety. Let our team of professionals make the evening memorable, put you at ease and add a little flashiness for the kids!


Here is some specific info on our Prom service.