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Meeting & Event Planning


Meetings & Events require great attention to detail and a lot of planning. Aligning vendors who understand the magnitude and importance of guest experience will make the whole thing come together much easier. That’s where we come in! Meetings, events, and conventions are our specialty. We have been serving groups of all sizes for nearly 2 decades!

Transportation is often the first and last interaction guests have when arriving & departing, and has a big impact on their lasting memory of the event. An organized and reliable transportation vendor can ease the whole project. Events in Indianapolis are no different, hosting a wide range of Meetings & Events annually has made Aadvanced Limousines the “go-to” transportation solution for Meeting Planners and Event Coordinators of all group sizes.

How We Help

Aadvanced Limousines is more than your transportation vendor, we are your transportation partner. Your event means as much to us, as it does to you. We will do everything possible to meet every expectation and need, all while delivering 5 Star service. A few highlights of how we make Transportation easy:

  • Manifest management ahead of time allows us to review the details and plan. This lets us gauge vehicle capacities, routing, and estimate demand & timing.
  • Review of details the day before or week of (depending on the size of the program) keeps the communication open and allows us to make adjustments.
  • Onsite coordinators put us in the moment with decision-makers who can act/ react quickly to client requests & demands.
  • Communication with us is easy, you can reach our team (owners included) 24/7 via email, text, phone.
  • Vehicle tracking allows us to share the physical location of the vehicles with you, the onsite coordinators or the passengers. Taking the guessing out of “where is the vehicle/ shuttle”
  • Text message alerts are a piece of technology that can send alerts via text or email as the ride progresses (on-the-way, on-location, passenger on-board etc)
  • Billing is streamlined and prompt. We understand that waiting for vendors to send invoices can cause delays for everyone. 

How could a Destination Management Company (DMC) benefit by working with Aadvanced Limousines?

We have over 15 years experience in the logistic management of 5-star service to passengers. Our DMC partners can leverage this expertise in ensuring that the event has seamless transportation. Convention Shuttle Service will make the guest experience so much better. We help keep and allow the timeline to stay on track, arrivals & departures to have a memorable experience all while keeping the client and event staff at ease with smooth communication. 

Aadvanced Limousines makes transportation easy for Administrative Assistant’s

As an Admin, you have a lot of tasks to focus on. Whether you are planning corporate transportation for a few executives, or Shuttle Transportation for an event, the logistics can be concerning to make sure everything goes perfect. Our team of professionals are prepared to oversee the details and ensure everything is delivered perfectly, while communicating the car service status in real-time to your email & phone. Allow us to make your transportation easy!

Wedding Planners love Aadvanced Limousines

Weddings are like no other event or gathering. This is often the most special day of a couple’s life. The worry of something going wrong for a once-in-a-lifetime event is often overwhelming. We understand what it takes to make a wedding unfold perfectly, after 15 years of serving Weddings in Indiana, we have served over 7,000 ceremonies! This gives us the experience and tools to work alongside vendors and a planner alike to make sure we do our part to make the day amazing! 

Health & Safety is Our Utmost Concern