Safety Procedures - Aadvanced Limousines

Safety Procedures


Aadvanced Limousines is committed to the Health & Safety of our staff and clients alike. This topic is the source of common conversation now more than ever, and with guidance from our National Association and 3rd party global consultants, here are the steps we are taking to ensure our team & passengers are provided a sanitary and safe environment:

We are plugged into and monitoring local, national & global authorities to adjust and adapt wherever we can improve to ensure we are being as proactive and protective as possible.

Safety has been the pinnacle of our focus since inception in 2005.

Workplace Safety & Health

  • Our health policy doesn’t allow anyone to report with illness-like symptoms. To include fever, headache or general discomforts
  • Stationary staff has been greatly reduced and separated to provide ample space for social distancing
  • We have increased our office sanitization schedule and increased the focus on common areas and high-touch areas
  • Staff members that will or possibly will be in contact with others are encouraged to wear company-provided PPE.

Fleet Maintenance & Care

  • Our fleet has been outfitted with hepa-filters in the HVAC systems to filtrate the cabin air
  • We have always provided a comprehensive cleaning program, we have now added a daily fogging sanitization step with a hospital-grade & CDC approved anti-viral solution
  • Any opportunity given, vehicles have open windows to exchange the cabin air
  • Ozone sanitization is now deployed weekly
  • Vehicles are reduced to no more than 3 reservations per day (with sanitary cleaning between)

Client Service & Experience:

  • You may notice that many complementary offerings have been removed from vehicles, such as magazines & reading materials
  • Vehicles are now equipped with an on-board sanitization kit loaded with passenger amenities to promote sanitization
  • You may notice your chauffeur wearing a mask as added protection
  • If the client prefers to handle their own luggage, we will put aside our service-focused procedures
  • Mask wearing & PPE is encouraged for each passenger

For over 15 years you have come to trust us for service, reliability and professionalism. You can trust that sanitization, safety and service are also part of our mission, passion and focus.

To take passenger safety seriously, we are utilizing these additional national and global resources to ensure we do everything possible to promote safe service.

Thank you,

Kristie Carter