Wheelchair Transportation & ADA Car Services

Need ADA car services or wheelchair transportation in Indianapolis, Indiana? We can help!

Our Indianapolis Special Needs Assistance & ADA Transportation Processes

Aadvanced Limousines is committed to making sure we can serve and cater to every passenger, which is why we now offer wheelchair accessible transportation and handicap accommodating transportation services. Those that can travel easier with the proper accommodations are welcomed at Aadvanced Limousines! We are here to deliver the top-rated Indianapolis wheelchair transportation and special needs transportation services to all of our clients with respect, professionalism & dignity.

ADA Transportation in Indianapolis, IN

Help us, help you:

We are better prepared and able to assist when we have the proper Chauffeur paired with the proper vehicle. If you let us know of any additional assistance you may benefit from, please share that information at the time of booking. Our dedicated team of dispatchers will ensure they make note of the details so that your travel is comfortable. We are even able to leverage our Nationwide Network of partners and assist in other destinations also.

Lift and ADA equipped vehicles in Indianapolis, IN:

Aadvanced Limousines offers the best ADA Transportation options in Indianapolis. We realize that ADA travel is not always able to be met with luxury, so what we have done is offered an Executive Van that will allow a small group to travel together, even when ADA accommodations are needed. This allows all passengers to have the continuity and comfort of travel & conversation while in transit.

While we strive to meet the demands of every client, please know the mechanical limits of our lifts are 600lbs with a combined weight of passenger & chair. We have trained Chauffeurs to assist with securement points and provide all necessary straps & bindings.

Storing & handling of mobility aids:

Personal belongings are just that, personal. We want to make every attempt to keep your things with you. Our Executive Van options offer oxygen tank storage mounts and ample space to allow carry-on bags, luggage, canes, and crutches.

Traveling with a Personal Attendant:

This is exactly why we feel that our ADA service is above other options! Our Executive Van options allow for additional passengers to be included in the travel. If you are not able to attend to your own personal needs, we would encourage you to travel with a Personal Attendant. Our Chauffeur team is not able to assist with medical treatment, medicines, eating, or other personal tasks.


We understand that scheduled dosages of medicine are sometimes required while traveling. If you alert our Chauffeur team, they will be happy to set an alarm reminder and let you know when that time arrives, however they will not be able to assist with administering medicine.

Medical Oxygen:

Traveling requires planning, and sometimes the plan may require an oxygen tank or two. We are happy to assist with transporting personal-sized oxygen tanks. We do require a limit of 2 tanks to be transported, as we only have secured mounting for 1 tank, the second would need to be secured with the passenger.

Service Animals:

We look forward to having your service animal on-board with you. It is paramount that we know at the time of reservation so that we can assign a pet-friendly Chauffeur to your charter. We do ask that the animal be contained to the passenger that it is most comfortable with. We must keep it from hampering the safe operation of the vehicle or creating issues for other passengers. We reserve the right to refuse service to any animal that our Chauffeur deems to be hazardous to the safe transportation of guests and operation of the vehicle.

Indy’s Top-Rated ADA & Wheelchair Transportation Service:

Often events and outings require shuttle service for attendees and that is exactly how our team of professionals can help! Whether it is a Wedding, a Funeral, or Corporate Transportation we are able to serve all guests without anyone feeling left out. Service, Passion, and Professionalism are the values we are built on. 

ADA Transportation

Our mission at Aadvanced Limousines is to deliver luxury transportation options to everyone in the Indianapolis area, at our proud to now offer wheelchair transportation and ADA car services. Please let us know if you have a unique request or situation so that we can best serve you!