Customer Service

Posted on Nov 09, 2017

We are human, and we do goof, but how do we react?

Customer Service is likely one of your biggest irritations (I know it is mine)

Here is a real example from one of our staff members on a recent customer service goof…

Check it out:
I had an experience today, with a credit card company.  I had paid off the balance on my card and then did a balance transfer shortly thereafter.  When my bill came this month it said I had a $92 minimum payment due. There had been a 50 cent charge added from something.  The balance transfer was 0% interest for a year, so I asked why there was a charge.  She said it was from a previous pocket of money that had accrued an interest charge before I had paid it off, so in other words it would have appeared the following month even if I didn’t do the balance transfer.  Without me asking, she said she would go ahead and take that 50 cents off because they do not like fees (Yea right, but it still worked on me in the moment).  As she was attempting to remove it, it would not let her do it, so she removed the previous months interest of $13 and change from my account instead and said there would be no more interest charges showing up.  Perfect, thank you!

Our insight:
Lets be transparent, anytime you interact with a service company eventually there will be a failure. They will forget some detail, something will break, get overbooked or maybe mixed up. How that company rebounds, owns the situation and rectifies it will determine your perception of the company. Your perception will likely influence your decision to patronize that company again in the future. Aadvanced Limousines is dedicated to being the best Chauffeured Transportation option in Indianapolis, and in order to do that, we have to have happy clients. We will make mistakes because we are a service company relying on mechanical devices, traffic and other components to deliver our client experiences. Our goal is 99% success, and if you happen to fall into that 1% failure we will own the experience and do whatever we can to fix it. Our entire staff is dedicated to the client experience and will do everything they can to deliver an amazing experience every time! Read our bio and see who we are here.

~ Ken