Tips & Info about the Indy 500 Race!

Posted on May 24, 2018

The Indy 500 Race is nearly here! This event has become known as the largest single-day Sporting Event in the world! It takes place right here in Indianapolis Indiana (Speedway Indiana to be exact). The Race has become more than just a day or weekend event, it has evolved into a Week long EXPERIENCE. The week leading up to the Race is jam-packed with events, concerts, and activities. If you have never been, what are you waiting for? This is something that should be on EVERYONE’S bucket list!

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2018 will be the 102nd running of The Indy 500 Race and this is certain to push the bar for excitement. The attendees will experience so many unique and exciting events. Just a few examples are things like Carb day on Friday, which is home to the ever-popular “Pit Stop Competition” where attendees can sign up a team and compete for the fastest time for a true “Pit Stop” and their times will be compared against the Race teams to see how they stack up! There is also the ever-popularĀ “Main Stage” in the infield, where some of the best known and famous musicians EVER will perform.

Each year on Carb day there is a well-known band that will host a Concert that is certain to wow the crowd. The announcement alone of who is performing at Carb day has become a local celebration! Saturday brings the Indy 500 Parade which is a family-friendly event that takes place on the streets of Downtown Indianapolis. Some amazing artistic skills will be showcased on the floats that are sponsored by some of the leading local businesses. The attendees will line the streets of Indianapolis hours before the start to ensure they get the perfect seat, then they will watch a line of floats, performers, bands, and organizations put on a show that is certain to make memories that will last a lifetime. Saturday night brings the excitement of The Snake Pit Ball, parties, dinners, and gatherings.

All of the local downtown restaurants will be flooded with Race Fans, Teams and Drivers. The enthusiasts have converged in Indianapolis for the common interest of Racing and that is going to take place on Sunday! Sunday morning the buzz and excitement in Indy will start EARLY. Fans, Police officers, Track Officials and Vendors all will likely start their day before the sun comes up! This will all come together to be known as the greatest spectacle in Racing!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is large enough to fit multiple well-known venues inside of its facility? This is the largest racing facility in the WORLD! Here’s a little insight:

Indy 500 Race in Indianapolis, Indiana

What To Bring and Wear to the Indy 500

For over 100 years Indianapolis has been welcoming Race Fans and this year is no different! If you are coming to the big Race, let us help you plan a few things that are often forgotten:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, you will be walking A LOT
  • Coolers are welcome, but have size restraints (stay hydrated)
  • Sun Screen, Sun Screen, Sun Screen, Sun Screen
  • If you have sensitive ears, bring earplugs. Keep little people in mind on this one!
  • Patience, traffic will be heavy, the crowds will be thick
  • Cash, often people will park in the neighboring community yards. Cash is preferred
  • Poncho/ Umbrella. History has proven that storms can & will roll in with little notice
  • DON’T buy tickets from scalpers. REPEAT: DON’T buy tickets from scalpers

Check IMS plan ahead suggestions here

We want you to enjoy your time in Indianapolis and enjoy all that our amazing city has to offer. So, Ladies & Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES!

Enjoy your Race Day and Memorial Day weekend!