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Posted on May 28, 2018

Planning a Wedding, and everything seems to be overwhelming? Check out these Wedding Planning Tips


Are you Planning a Wedding? I am Ken Carter of Aadvanced Limousines, we have been serving Indianapolis for 14 years with the best Indianapolis Wedding Transportation. I would like to share some very valuable info and wedding planning tips about Wedding Planning and our professional experience. After 14 years in business, we have come to be known as “The Wedding Transportation” for more than 600 Weddings per year. This gives us a substantial amount of experience and insight into what goes right and what goes wrong. I am here today to share some of that, so you can make sure you don’t make some of the common mistakes we have seen other couples make.

When you get engaged it is a very exciting time, and rightfully so, you want to tell the world and likely get right down to business with starting the research and planning! Putting together all of the details to make your special day unfold just perfect will quickly become stressful if you aren’t able to stay organized. Consider getting yourself a Wedding Planner, here is one we have seen be very helpful. With a planner, you will be able to make notes, collect info and gather pictures and ideas all in one location so that when you are in “planning mode” all of your things are centrally located. Now, keep in mind that with current technology, carrying around an old school hard back binder isn’t for everyone, and obviously not required. We have seen MANY Brides & Grooms leverage Pinterest by creating boards, sometimes creating a different board for various parts of the big day. Whichever option you think may be the best fit for you, just make sure that you keep the info organized.

Choosing Your Local Wedding Vendors

After you collect ideas, information and examples of what you are looking to put together for your special day, you will need to start looking for vendors and suppliers. Choosing the right vendors is a critical component to making sure your event flows as you envision. Now, finding the best suppliers can be more than a challenge. When doing your research, you are likely going to find amazing ideas and pictures that look awesome but could easily be difficult to recreate, so consider this when researching ideas. Vendors is a little more challenging, especially photographers and DJ’s. You want to make sure you pay for a great wedding photographer, so make sure you do your research first! This is also where a face-to-face meeting is going to be a MUST. We would suggest to start searching various websites for vendor profiles such as or, while I highly suggest to not make a decision solely based on a online profile, this will give you a start to see who truly cares and is invested into their business & client experiences. Reviews from previous clients are very helpful, while a service based business is never going to be able to satisfy 100% of their clients, reviews are an insight to see what the majority have experienced.

Angies list is another great resource for vendor review and online reputations. If you find a vendor you like but see that they have a negative review online, don’t let that scare you away without understanding all of the details of that negative review. Never hesitate to call a potential vendor and inquire about their negative reviews, a vendor who has the clients best interest in mind will never hesitate to share information and details about reviews. While you are reading these reviews, you should understand that not all reviews are created equal. Often vendors who can’t earn positive reviews will buy them or influence friends and family members to post them. So how do you tell the difference between a real review vs a fake review? Read it all the way through, look at the profile of the person who left the review and see if they have a complete profile, how many reviews have they left for other vendors? Looking deeper than the review that is posted can often uncover additional information to arm you to be able and make the best decision possible.

Remember back when I said a Photographer and DJ are going to be the hardest to choose? That is because they are providing you their personality, their vision and experience instead of a physical product. This means that communication is key to ensuring they deliver your expectations. After you have done your digital research and narrowed the options, make sure you setup a FACE-TO-FACE interview. The in person interview will empower you to read their facial expressions, learn how they represent themselves, share your vision and thoughts to make sure they are capable to deliver your expectations. You should keep in mind that when hiring other vendors, the same steps should be taken, however when choosing the food, cake, transportation or dress/ tux it is a little easier because you will be able to see, taste and review the physical product. Cake? Did someone say CAKE? mmmmmmm

Let’s talk wedding transportation (this is where I excel)…

When you are mapping out your timeline, it can be very difficult to gauge the needs for transportation. This is where our experience comes in! Did you know we have a Wedding specialist on staff? Meet Linda

Indy Wedding Planning and Transportation Specialist she has been with us since inception and has helped to put together more than 500 wedding transportation timelines! Did you know that you an set a NO PRESSURE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED phone call with her to be able to talk through your details, ask questions and get advice. Just click here to schedule.

Talking with your vendors and professionals and clearly communicating your expectations and vision will help to secure the picture perfect event you have ever dreamed of. You would not believe how may times we get a phone call on the day of the wedding from a Bride/Groom that says “Do you have any availability today? Our limo just cancelled on us!” or the ever “We want to come and see your vehicles, because the ones we just looked at are embarrassing”

Aadvanced Limousines understands the importance of this event, the caliber of meaning it has for you. The financial # it took to get thus far, the amount of time & energy that went into the planning. We want it to be PERFECT just as bad (if not more) than you do! Let us take the stress out of your Wedding transportation and leverage our team of professionals and experience.

Whatever you do, don’t make this mistake:

Indianapolis Wedding Limo Meme
We hope you enjoyed these wedding planning tips, if you need Indianapolis wedding transportation, Call us and let’s see how we can make your day AMAZING!