5 Reasons why you must attend a Bridal show!

Posted on Apr 20, 2019

Wedding Planning?

So, you said yes? Congratulations!

Indianapolis offers a lot of education at Bridal Shows, and here is why you should attend them:

Wedding Vendors at 1 location & you can test them all!

1. One-Stop Shopping
Where else will you find choices for venues, DJs, photographers, Videographers, Photobooth, Wedding Transportation and Wedding cakes all within 50 feet of each other? With so many options under one roof, couples can plan an entire wedding in just one day!

Wedding 101

2. The Latest Trends
The strolling fashions give you an opportunity to see the newest styles in bridal, bridesmaids, and other formal wear. Vendor booth displays showcase the latest in trendy flower bouquets, wedding decor, and tuxedos for the groom. Take your time to interview vendors and see who is the perfect fit for your big day! See what’s hot in invitation designs, cakes, linens, and hairstyles – among many other new trends!

Free Swag?

3. Fill Your Bag With Freebies
At the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Shows and many others, you’re eligible for giveaways, prizes, and show specials offered by the exhibitors. You may win valuable wedding services or save hundreds of dollars! Along with those specials, you’re guaranteed to have your fair share of delicious samples (champagne & wine and catering & cakes) throughout the day! And we can’t blame you for wanting to try all the cake samples. Cakes are pretty, but they are pretty yummy, too! Bring a back pack for lugging home all of your swag, but if you forget it, don’t worry many shows include one.

How do you know which one to choose?

4. Meet Vendors Face-To-Face
You can learn a lot by looking through a website or flipping through their profile. But talking to a vendor in-person gives a completely different impression – a more complete understanding of the vendors who will spend hours with you on your perfect day! Wedding shows give you the opportunity to meet your prospective vendors face-to-face and get a feel for their personality, and if they may fit your vibe. Use this time to ask questions, share ideas, explain your vision and view samples of their work – after all, they’re there to help you. Consider it a mini-interview that will feed you with lots of info.

Money? You want to save some?

5. Exclusive Money-Saving Offers Along with saving you time, Bridal shows will also help save you money. Not only will you not have to pay for the extra gas to get around, and the headache of so many appointments but you’ll also have the chance to score deals at the show! Many vendors promote different show specials and discounts for bridal shows. Even if your preferred vendors aren’t offering discounts that day, you’ll still be able to compare different portfolios and package prices – which helps you pick vendors who seem the most valuable to you. Don’t be afraid to ask about show specials & incentives when you meet the right vendor!


Wedding Limo


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