Wedding Shuttle Bus Service – Must read before securing yours1

Posted on Jun 01, 2018

Wedding Shuttle Bus Service

A Wedding Shuttle Bus is an important part of your special day. All fleets are NOT the same when reserving a Shuttle Bus for a Wedding, make sure to see the vehicle before committing. When the vehicle arrives and you learn that it’s condition is less than desired, it is too late.

Aadvanced Limousines understands the importance of your event whether it be a Bachelorette Party, Wedding, Concert or Corporate event. When the Shuttle Bus shows up, we want it to be better than expected! We take a serious dedication to ensuring our fleet is well maintained and in great condition to meet your every need. When renting vehicles for a variety of events, the interior can easily age faster than the actual age of the vehicle. We like to make sure we monitor this aging and fix any noticeable issues. Recently we reviewed one of our ever popular Mini Coach Buses that is often used as a Wedding Shuttle for guests & family. We began to notice that the first few rows of seats that everyone who boards the bus has to touch, began to wear. The seats looked worn and didn’t provide the appearance of a well maintained machine.

This is where our team leaps into action and begins the process of ordering material and parts. See when this happens, we take a serious stance to ensure our fleet looks the way we would want it to look if it were arriving to our event! A poorly maintained fleet will be noticeable well before entering the vehicle and who wants to be embarrassed by an ugly car arriving to their event? Let me show you our recent “make over” we performed with one of our Wedding Shuttle Bus options. Here is a before & after:

Indianapolis Wedding Shuttle

Whether you choose Aadvanced Limousines or another solution for your Wedding Shuttle, Go and see the vehicle in person so there are no surprises with such an important event! We hope to earn your business and be a part of your special day!